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As leaders in our community, we are committed to the advancement of women in the construction arena through education, support, mentoring and networking.

The WCA will be the active voice for women in the construction industry.

Our Missin


Our Values


Leadership provides continuity and a life force for the WCA. We are leaders and visionaries in our businesses, communities and within the Women Contractors Association.

Professional & Personal Growth

When we grow personally and professionally, we build a stronger foundation for the Women Contractors Association and our respective companies to proceed into the future.

Financial Stability, Growth & Responsibility

We effectively manage all contributions, costs and budgets with responsibility and accountability. 


Our commitment and passion to our organization will ensure that our members' needs and concerns will be focused on. 

Impact & Making a Difference

To make an impact, the WCA is committed to encouraging women to be strong role models, mentors and leaders for future women in the construction arena. 

Our Leadership
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