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About WCA

As leaders in our industry we are committed to the advancement of women in the construction arena through education, support and networking. Our values:


Leadership provides continuity and life for the WCA. We are leaders and visionaries in our businesses, communities and within the Women Contractors Association. We must communicate and reinforce our direction in order to succeed in changing the future for the better. We believe it is necessary to be respectful to earn respect. We demand integrity and professionalism of ourselves and those with which we conduct business. Through our actions, we provide a positive role model for others.

Professional & Personal Growth

When we grow personally and professionally, we build a stronger foundation for the Women Contractors Association and our respective companies to proceed into the future. We believe personal and professional growth builds self-confidence and self-esteem and provides us the tools to gain respect and success. The WCA will provide opportunities for members to learn about themselves and how to lead and manage their companies more effectively. We will branch out to learn from others, inside and outside of our industry, who can support us in reaching out goals

Financial Stability, Growth & Responsibility

We will manage our finance with responsibility and accountability. This means getting the most value for every dollar spent with the collective future of the WCA and its members in mind. We will effectively manage all contributions, costs and budgets.


We believe the WCA will make a dramatic impact on women’s positions in the construction industry because we, as an organization, will follow through on our individual and group commitments. Members and those outside our membership will know that they can depend on us.

Impact & Making a Difference

The WCA is not satisfied with the status quo of acceptance of women within the construction industry. To make an impact, we are committed to promoting women in leadership roles, educating outsiders about the successful role of women in the industry and creating strong role models, mentors and leaders for future women to enter the construction arena.